About/Meet the team

In the beginning…. There was two of us..

We originally wanted to set up a bookstall, we did some digging, went to a couple of book fairs and decided they were a bit flat.  So we set up our own.

We hosted our first event in December 2013 and were amazed at the support we received. We wanted to make a platform for authors, comic writers, poets and artists to show off and sell their work in a fun, laid back atmosphere and without fleecing them, we will never charge anyone for a table with us.

Now the Bookshop has started to grow, we have hooked up with some wonderfully talented people, hopefully we will continue to keep growing.

We have some exciting things coming up in 2015, we’ll let you know soon 🙂

Meet the Team


Jen Hutchison– Left wing lunatic, started the Bookshop due to boredom.




DalioDale McMullen– Talentless man, started the Bookshop due to boredom.



chris-kelso-portrait-296x300Chris Kelso– Fantastic young author, journalist, editor and illustrator. Check out Chris’s work here and get taken away to the wonderfully awful Slave State.


Load Poets

Sam Small– Glasgow’s most exciting poet, Sam hosts some of the best poetry nights in the city and is co-founder of the brilliant High Flight Fanzine. Find out more about Sam is doing.


MICKPICMick Clocherty– Writer and all around sound and funny dude. Co-founder of the The High Flight Fanzine. Find out more about the great work the guys are doing on The High Flight.


We are always looking for more people.  If you fancy joining in get in touch! 




3 Responses to About/Meet the team

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  2. I love what you are doing and wish I could get involved but I live south of London which makes that unlikely. I have one book out, published by a small American publisher, who will shortly be publishing my second


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