Call for Submissions


We’re making a book!

We need stories, we need poems, we need flash fiction and we need your illustrations.

We will be publishing an anthology later in the year edited by ourselves, Chris Kelso and Sam Small.  We are looking for submissions in the following areas:

– Sci-fi – Dystopian – Utopian – Apocalyptic – Horror – Weird Fiction – Bizarro – Supernatural etc.

Short story/poetry and flash fiction submissions should be no longer than 4000 words and submitted as a .doc or .odt – Illustrations should be in black and white and submitted as a .jpeg or .png to:


We can only accept previously unpublished work.

The deadline for submissions is the 21st of August.

Can’t wait to hear from you! Cheers!


About thespeculativebookshop

We are two friends who are into speculative fiction and decided to start up a bookshop distro/blog Our "bookshop" will be running DIY book fairs throughout the year - the only constant being that there will be pints, books, graphic novels and guest speakers. When we're not doing that we'll be blogging about sci-fi and speculative fiction.
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18 Responses to Call for Submissions

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  2. tabithaxx says:

    Is there anything specific you’re looking for, or is this open to any kind of subject as long as it’s specfic? Thanks!


  3. Bartholomew Jenkins, Jr. says:

    What do you pay?


  4. primecookie says:

    Good Evening,
    this looks like an exciting opportunity. Are you able to add some extra details here? I see that some comments have gone unanswered. What do you mean by illustration do you mean a singular image or a several images with a narrative? You don’t mean comics? I may be able to do a singular image. please have a look here………..many thanks.


  5. If this is the kind of stuff you are looking for I can send you some more 🙂


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  7. gutties44 says:



  8. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like an interesting project. is this a paying project?


  9. What’s the pay?


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