Cat Hepburn is LOOMING!

Fantastic news!

Cat is going to be wowing you at our next event!  She has to be one of the most charming and delightful poets out there and I’m ecstatic she can make it.  Expect to hear about everything a young Scottish woman goes through, delivered in a funny yet individually poignant way.

This one is going to be a ripper, hope to see you there.



About thespeculativebookshop

We are two friends who are into speculative fiction and decided to start up a bookshop distro/blog Our "bookshop" will be running DIY book fairs throughout the year - the only constant being that there will be pints, books, graphic novels and guest speakers. When we're not doing that we'll be blogging about sci-fi and speculative fiction.
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2 Responses to Cat Hepburn is LOOMING!

  1. Paul McKenna says:

    Absolutely superb Cat Hepburn! A truly talented Scottish poet! 👏❤️👍➕ Xxx


  2. Cat Hepburn says:

    Reblogged this on Cat Hepburn and commented:
    Looking forward to performing for the Speculative Book Shop Event #5 this Saturday!


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